Henry & Jack | Cake Smash Photographer
Written by Nick Lance on Sunday, 12 October 2014 14:42   

Henry joined me in the studio this morning for his cake smash photos. As one of Perths best Cake Smash Photographers, I always say that quite often the best part of the cake smash is seeing what they’ll do with the giant cupcake. Will they eat it? Will they smash it? How will they react? When I placed the cake in front of Henry he decided to massage it. Perhaps he was showing signs of his future career? After what looked like an amazing massage, Henry was given the wooden spoon and enjoyed stirring and smashing his cake some more.

Eagerly waiting on the sideline was Jack, who was egging his younger brother on with instructions of how to go about the demolition of the giant cupcake. As a special surprise Henry allowed his older brother to join in on the action with his own giant cupcake to smash. Jack had a plan. He didn’t waste any time in the total destruction of his cake. The two boys pushed their cakes into one pile to make sure that every bit of the cake was smashed. Jack jumped, rolled, smashed, dropped and completely annihilated the cake until by the end of the cake smash photoshoot, it was just a pile of green sludge. It was fantastic to watch and the two boys had an amazing time.

Have you ever wondered what to do to make your child’s 1st birthday truly memorable? Why not let them loose on a giant cupcake?! They get to eat it, smash it, throw it.. in fact they are able to do whatever they like and have the time of their lives without getting in trouble! You can find more information by following this link here.

















Harper | Cake Smash Photos
Written by Nick Lance on Monday, 06 October 2014 19:26   

Harper joined us in our Perth Photography Studio today for her first birthday cake smash photos. We saw Harper recently for her Christening (which can be seen by following this link) and we have been waiting eagerly for her first birthday to come around.

We have been present for Kym and Alex’s milestones, photographing their wedding, newborn photos, christening and now right through until Harper’s first birthday cake smash. Its been an honour to watch their family grow. Yesterday had her first birthday so today her parents Kym & Alex treated her to her a giant cupcake to smash.

We have photographed dozens of children having cake smashes and we have found that the best photos come from the child’s expressions, not the smashing of the cake itself. Our style of photography is about emotion and while we do set up our photos, we wait until we see some emotion before we press the shutter we. Harper was a treat to photograph. She pulled some great faces during her cake smash photos. She also enjoyed sharing some cake with both mum and dad and everyone had a great time.

Have you ever wondered what to do to make your child’s 1st birthday truly memorable? Why not let them loose on a giant cupcake?! They get to eat it, smash it, throw it.. in fact they are able to do whatever they like and have the time of their lives without getting in trouble! You can find more information by following this link here.











Coughlan Family | Perth Photography Studio
Written by Nick Lance on Monday, 29 September 2014 19:49   

The Coughlan Family joined us in our Perth Photography Studio this morning to update their family portrait photos. We photographed the family back in January when they were expecting their next baby and today we were able to properly meet baby JD and his gorgeous smile.

Marley, Caley and JD all had such a fun time in our studio and the two girls enjoyed lots of cuddles with each other. The fondness they had for one another was easy to see and we felt honoured to be able to capture those moments forever. It’s great to see how much they have grown and watching how their little personalities have developed. The last time they joined us in our photography studio was January 2013 (the blog can be seen here). We loved having them all in our Perth photography studio again.

We have had enquiries flooding in over the past few weeks and we have been flat out responding to all of the emails and phone calls. It could be thanks to the recent nominations for the Wedding of the Year and the 5 star rating we achieved for excellence throughout the 2014. Dates for 2014 are filling up faster than we had anticipated. We know a lot of our clients like to use our Family Portrait Packages as gifts for family and friends for Christmas, so if you are looking to book in your photoshoot with us you had better get in contact now to avoid disappointment.


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Wallis Family | Family Portrait Photos
Written by Nick Lance on Sunday, 28 September 2014 19:13   

Today we joined the Wallis Family at Hyde Park for some family portrait photos. It was also our biggest family photoshoot to date with 37 people, 19 of those people being children. Its really special to have generations all coming together for any event and great to have a photographer present to document the moment forever.

Although the number 37 rolls off the tongue like any other number, being able to coordinate everyone is quite an achievement. We have photographed dozens of weddings upwards of 200 people, however this is the largest family portrait we have photographed. Fortunately for us, we have Nick as the photographer who concentrats on the composition and dimension. While Billie is assisting with making sure all the details are in place and everyone is looking in the right direction. All the kids were so well behaved and having so much fun that the family portrait photos were a huge success.

We were lucky enough to dodge the rain for most of today and even got some beautiful sun light. Hyde Park in Perth has had lots of work recently and it looks amazing. There are now more places for families to play and of course lots more places for family portrait photos.

Our family portrait packages are still the same low price as they have always been. We offer print packages and the option of purchasing a disc or USB with all of the photos as digital files for our clients to print wherever they choose. For more information on our family portrait packages please follow this link;  Portrait Packages.











Jeffery Family | Newborn Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Wednesday, 10 September 2014 18:44   

The Jeffery Family joined us in our Perth Photography studio today, for some newborn and family photos.

4 year old Bryce really loved the camera and we had a great time making him smile. He was so well behaved while his new baby sister had her first photos taken that we barely noticed he was there. Which is great because Newborn photography shoots can take a while longer than regular portrait photography shoots.

We allow extra time for our Newborn photography shoots since we are working on baby-time. There’s plenty of time for feeding and cuddles. Quite often a newborn baby can sense frustration so we don’t ever rush and allow newborns and parents to be as comfortable as possible. You need a lot of patience for newborn photography and with four children of our own, we have all the patience in the world.

We tried a few headbands and other props on 2 week old baby Tahlia, while she had a few short naps, which was great because it meant that Billie was able to sneak in a few cuddles. We found that Dad, AJ had the magic touch when it came to settling Tahlia. Every baby is different, so its amazing seeing each of their little personality traits that are unique to them. Tahlia was a perfect little baby and we barely heard a peep out of her the whole time.

Our Newborn Photography Package prices have not changed since we brought them out in 2011. We still have the same low price with massive savings on prints and the option of purchasing a personalised disc containing all the high resolution images from your newborn photo shoot.










Mason | Perth Photography Studio
Written by Nick Lance on Sunday, 24 August 2014 15:40   

Six month old Mason visited our Perth Photography Studio for some photos with his family yesterday.

We didn’t have to worry about Mason getting used to the camera, he was wide awake and ready to model for us as soon as he came through the door. Once in front of the camera, Mason was enjoying having a laugh as Billie made use of her repertoire of crazy noises. We even got some giggles out of mum and dad as well. Its great to have two people on hand during a photo shoot so that we can make sure to get as many photos as possible. After all, two heads are better than one.

We were halfway through the photoshoot when Mason felt comfortable enough to begin his own noises. They started off quiet but quickly turned into what I can only describe as Raptor screams from the movie Jurassic Park. It was awesome! It’s the first time that I had to put the camera down because I was laughing too much to take a photograph. If only we could have captured that voice with his family portraits.

With Wedding season fast approaching we are booking up fast. If you are thinking of having your family portraits captured make sure to contact us as soon as possible so you don’t miss out. Visit our Portrait Photography Packages tab and you will see that quality photography can be affordable!


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