Brodie | Cake Smash Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Sunday, 13 July 2014 11:12   

As one of the best Cake Smash Photographers in Perth we have had plenty of experience with first birthday Cake Smashes. Over the years we’ve had dozens of kids visit our studio to have a great time getting messy.

Yesterday we had Brodie visit our Photography Studio in Landsdale for his Cake Smash photos. Brodie’s older brother, Jarrad has already had the pleasure of smashing a giant cupcake on his first birthday. Time has really flown by and it was great to see how much Jarrad has grown in the 2 years since we saw him last. Jarrad was still a bit shy and so too was Brodie when they first walked in, so we were all wondering how Brodie would react to a giant cupcake. During Jarrad’s cake smash, Jarrad was quite hesitant and preferred to share his cake than get messy. So we weren’t sure what to expect.

Once Brodie was seated he took a little bit to get settled,.. but it really didn’t take long before he was smashing away and scoffing as much cake as he could! He still wanted to share the cake with his Dad, just like his brother but he made sure to eat and smash as much as he could.

Have you ever wondered what to do to make your child’s 1st birthday truly memorable? Why not let them loose on a giant cupcake?! They get to eat it, smash it, throw it,.. in fact they are able to do whatever they like and have the time of their lives without getting in trouble! You can find more information by following this link here.



















Bradley 7 week old | Perth Photographer
Written by Nick Lance on Monday, 30 June 2014 10:01   

Yesterday we had the Nathan and Krystal visit our Landsdale photography studio for some family photos with their 7 week old baby boy, Bradley. You may recognise Nathan & Krystal from a few of their wedding photos that we feature proudly on our website and our wedding blog. Jo and I had a great time photographing their wedding day and it was great to have them return to our studio.

It’s great that most of our Portrait photoshoots come from the couples who we photographed their wedding day. We love having people return to our studio. It gives us a chance to catch up, and we love watching families grow just as our family has grown. Of course, it also gives Billie a chance to get her baby-cuddle fix as well.

There are many different reasons to have a photography shoot, especially in our Information Age with camera phones and mass media. Everyone is taking pictures of their lunch, their cats and themselves in the mirror and there’s less people taking the time to get together for a photograph that will stand the test of time. Anyone can take a quick pic with a camera phone, but that pic can’t be displayed on your wall. We give all our clients the option of prints and digital images with framing, canvas and album options. We also keep all our past clients images in a secure backup so their memories are safe and secure.

Visit our Portrait Photography Packages tab and you will see that quality photography can be affordable!









Meshkini Family | Family Portrait Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Saturday, 07 June 2014 16:17   

Today we had the Meshkini family join us in our Landsdale photography studio for some family portrait photographs. You may remember baby Elena from her Newborn photos 6 months ago, which you can see here. Hasn’t time flown by? It seems like only yesterday that Dela was in our studio having her Maternity Photoshoot. We love having our clients visit our studio again to see how much they have grown.

Elena was all smiles today and seemed to love giggling at me. I’m quite aware that kids seemed to laugh at me – rather than with me. I’m okay with being funny looking. In fact, I try to be funny looking so that everybody laughs. Everyone likes to laugh and genuine smiles are infectious.

The Meshkini family used their free photoshoot voucher that they received from purchasing their Maternity & Newborn photoshoot six months ago. Our Portrait Photography Packages are amazing value for money and they get to treasure their photos for a lifetime.

Although printed photographs are still one of the most popular and best ways of showing your gorgeous, professional photos to friends and family, we also understand that we live in an ever changing world. Social media has changed the way we share photos, and so we offer our clients the option of investing in digital images from their photoshoot. Digital images are presented on a personalised disc created exclusively for every client. On your disc is each image in colour and black and white and presented in both high and low resolution. High resolution images are available for you to print wherever you like, at any size that you would like. There is no limit on how many copies you can make from each digital file. Low resolution images have been resized and enhanced to suit display screens. The size difference allows for easier uploads to web applications like emailing and social media sites (Facebook,Twitter, etc). Please click on the link for more information on our affordable Family Portrait Photography Packages.









Harper | Event Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Tuesday, 03 June 2014 13:33   

Baby Harper was christened on Sunday at Saint Nikola Church in North Perth and I was asked along as the Perth Event Photographer.

As Perth Photographers we are present to photograph some of the most important moments in people lives. It is an honour to share in our client’s special times and we love watching families grow.  Harper’s parents, Alex and Kym are no strangers to our studio as we have been there for Alex & Kym’s wedding day and some newborn photos of Harper.

Photography really is an emotive art form. Anybody can take a photograph but it takes a highly skilled photographer to capture emotive images with consistency. After all, event photography isn’t just about 1 or 2 images, event photography is about the series of images that create the story. My background in documentary film making have granted me a unique perspective on photojournalism and allowed me to create narratives with my images that flow like a storybook.

Our Event Photography is gaining more and more popularity. We are booking up to 18 months in advance so please contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. For more information please visit


Event Photographer Perth 01


Event Photographer Perth 02


Event Photographer Perth 03


Event Photographer Perth 04

Max | Cake Smash Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Friday, 30 May 2014 12:49   

Max joined us in our Perth Photography studio this morning for his 1st Birthday Cake Smash photos. Max’s first birthday was last week and his parents decided to treat him with his very own giant cupcake to smash! So after a few formal portrait photos I brought out the giant cupcake for him. How good is this cake? A giant cupcake decorated as Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

One of the great advantages of out cake smash photos is that our cakes are baked and decorated by fully qualified pastry chefs who create amazing designs for our Cake Smash photoshoots. As you can see from Max’s Cake Smash, sometimes the designs are almost too good to smash – but that makes it all the more fun!

Max had a great time smashing the cake and I have to admit, so did I. Max was making an awesome growling noise as he smashed away and it had me in stitches. It reminded me of our kids who make a similar noise when they are determined to get what they want. By the end of the shoot the cake was well and truly smashed.

Have you ever wondered what to do to make your child’s 1st birthday truly memorable? Why not let them loose on a giant cupcake?! They get to eat it, smash it, throw it,.. in fact they are able to do whatever they like and have the time of their lives without getting in trouble! You can find more information by following this link here.













Haddock Family | Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Sunday, 27 April 2014 14:31   

Today we spent the morning capturing some Family Portraits of the Haddock Family in our Landsdale Studio.

We are currently running a 50% Off Portrait Photography Special. This promotion includes a 1 hour Studio or location photo shoot PLUS the disc containing all of your images in High Resolution for you to print where you like for only $200!

Portrait photoshoots can be held at our Studio in Landsdale or at a location of your choice using any number of Perth’s beautiful natural backdrops. This offer may be used for couples, families, children & cake smashes and is also available as a voucher. All images are uploaded to our password protected client gallery on our website for clients to view within 2 weeks. This is also a great way to share your photos with family and friends interstate or overseas.

To claim this offer, full payment must be received before the end of 1st May 2014. Photoshoots must be held within 12 months of date of purchase. If you would like to claim your 50% Off Portrait Photography Special please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.










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