Maya | Cake Smash Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Saturday, 01 February 2014 12:22   

As Perth Cake Smash Photographers we have been photographing a lot of Cake Smashes lately. This morning was no different as we welcomed Maya into our Landsdale photography studio again for her first birthday cake smash surprise.


We first met Maya when her family joined us in our Landsdale Studio for Maya’s newborn photos in March last year. It’s her first birthday in 2 weeks, so Maya’s cake smash is her first birthday surprise. She has grown so much in a year and we loved that she greeted us with such a huge smile. We took a few family portraits to start with and Levi loved being able to cuddle with his little sister.


It was then time to bring out the giant cupcake for Maya’s Cake Smash. We like to give children a little time to see their reaction to being presented with a giant cupcake. So after Maya took a seat behind the giant cupcake we watched and waited. We’re starting to notice a trend in the girls we’ve had in our studio for cake smash photos, whereby the girls seem to focus on the details and delicately pick off the little ornaments. However when she got hold of the wooden spoon she didn’t hold back at all. She was giggling and having a great time smashing the cake. She’s such a happy little girl and her laugh is infectious.


Maya’s brother Levi was waiting so patiently, it was only fair to let him have a turn smashing the cake as well. Maya was even sweet enough to feed Levi. They both had a great time and by the end the cake was well and truly demolished!


Have you ever wondered what to do to make your child’s 1st birthday truly memorable? Why not let them loose on a giant cupcake?! They get to eat it, smash it, throw it,.. in fact they are able to do whatever they like and have the time of their lives without getting in trouble! You can find more information by following this link here.























Boyd | Cake Smash Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Thursday, 23 January 2014 14:00   

Meet Boyd. He visited our Landsdale studio this morning because today is his first birthday and he was being treated to some cake smash photos.


Boyd is a real boy. He loves toy cars and loves to smash cakes. He was lucky enough to have a special cake designed for him and just happens to be the first child to truly smash the cake.

He may have been a little shy at first. He was gentle with his prodding and poking but once we gave him the wooden spoon – something happened. Boyd began to smash! His arms began flailing and cake went flying. He was like the incredible hulk bashing at the cake with giant swings of his arms. The most amazing part is that he is also the first child we have had who didn’t actually eat any of the cake. Some children get a taste of the icing and cannot resist. Not Boyd though. He was quite content with just smashing it to pieces.

One of the great things about our Cake Smash photo shoots is the option of purchasing the disc with all of the images taken during the photo shoot. The images are presented on a personalised disc in both high resolution for printing and low resolution for web applications and display purposes.

Every child reacts differently when it’s their chance for a Cake Smash Photoshoot. How will your child react?













Charlie | Cake Smash Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Tuesday, 21 January 2014 11:32   

Charlie joined us in the studio recently for his first Cake Smash photos. You may remember Charlie from his family portrait 6 months ago with the rest of his family, Mulder Family. 6 months has gone by quick because now its time for Charlie’s Cake Smash.

We took a few photos of Charlie to start with. He was a little shy at first but he soon warmed up – especially when the giant cupcake made an appearance. Charlie was fascinated by the cake and could have possibly forgotten that he was having photos taken. He had some fantastic monkey noises that reminded me a lot of our littlest one. When I wanted Charlie’s attention I performed my best monkey noises and we had our own little language happening. He enjoyed being able to smash the cake and when he was given a spoon to use he absolutely loved it!

Cake smash photography is still the same low price and a great gift idea for anyone wanting photos of their kids. How will your child react when they have a giant cupcake placed in front of them? Book now for your Cake Smash photos!















Coughlan Family | Kings Park
Written by Nick Lance on Tuesday, 21 January 2014 10:38   

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing the Coughlan family near the Wildflower Pavillion at Kings Park. We have photographed everything from Weddings to Maternity shoots at Kings Park being one of Perth’s most Iconic parks. It holds a lot of memories for a lot of families just as it has for the Coughlan Family who chose Kings Park for this very reason. As we walked around near the Wildflower Pavilion, Jo & Rob were reminiscing on the various BBQs and family times they have had at Kings Park over the years. It seemed perfectly fitting to have their family portrait taken there, and of course an opportunity to have another family BBQ once we were finished.


Jo mentioned that her and Rob were looking at old photos the day before their shoot and reflecting on how much they had all changed over the years. They found it amazing how their children are now adults themselves with their own families. Families are forever changing and expanding and so updating their albums was the main focus of this particular family portrait. They have also started planning their next family portrait in a year with Faye and Mike expecting another baby soon.











Lilly | Perth Cake Smash Photographer
Written by Nick Lance on Thursday, 09 January 2014 13:32   

Lilly joined us in the photography studio this morning for her first birthday Cake Smash photos. Lilly’s not a stranger to our studio and came for some baby photos when she was 7 months old.


As Ive written many times before, every child is different when they have their first cake smash photoshoot. We have photographed dozens of children for their first birthday cake smash and I can honestly say I have no idea how each child will react. For Lilly’s last photoshoot she was a bit shy and preferred to stay by her mum’s side. This time however, she loved it!


Today we took a few portrait photographs to begin with using some awesome props that Elise brought along for her daughters photoshoot. Then it was time to bring out the giant cupcake!


We didn’t have to wait for her to begin, she knew exactly what she wanted. She daintily picked off the flowers and made sure to eat as much of the icing as she could possibly find. She even licked the front and backside of her hand. It was all about the details for Lilly and it was awesome to watch! She was even polite enough to offer us some of her giant cupcake.


Cake smash photography is still the same low price and a great gift idea for anyone wanting photos of their kids. How will your child react when they have a giant cupcake placed in front of them? Book now for your Cake Smash photos!


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Van Der Meulen Family | Portrait Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Thursday, 02 January 2014 14:32   

We had the Van Der Meulen Family visit our Perth Studio today for some family portrait photos. We had some fun making little Jamie smile and he made us laugh as well with his light-up shoes!


During the photoshoot it was mentioned that the family came together this time last year and had a Family Photoshoot. It is a great idea for families to have their family portraits taken regularly. It’s not only a way of documenting time but a great reason to come together and have a laugh. After all families are the most important part of our lives.


As we enter into the New Year and we reminisce on the year that has past. Can you remember the last time your family came together and had a family portrait taken?


Our photo packages are some of the most affordable you will find. We give our clients the option of either a studio or location shoot depending on the type of photos they require. We have 3 amazing value for money children and family photography packages. All 3 come with a multitude of prints as well as the option of purchasing the high resolution disc at a heavily discounted rate. Visit our Portrait Photography link for more details.











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