Kaley | Perth Cake Smash Photographer
Written by Nick Lance on Wednesday, 11 December 2013 15:53   

Today we had Kaley in our studio for her cake smash photos. Kaley has been in our studio a couple of times already this year but this photoshoot was particularly special. This was her very first Cake Smash!

Cake Smash photography shoots are the best first birthday present because the reaction shots are priceless! Nobody knows exactly how their child will react when they receive a giant cupcake to eat. Some laugh, some are shy. Some are delicate and some smash it to pieces – but all make for amazing photos for mum and dad to keep forever.

Kaley wasn’t really interested in having her portrait taken, she was here for the cake! A lot of children aren’t used to eating with their hands and once a cupcake is given to them, they aren’t quite sure what to do. Kaley had been practicing with mud last week, but its not quite the same and Kaley was a little hesitant at first. After some deep thought and some coaxing from Mum and Dad she was in.

We know our cupcakes taste amazing but Kaley is the first to hug and kiss the cupcake!

The idea of smashing the cake must have gotten the better of Jocelyn and James because it wasn’t long before they had joined their daughter and a battle was waged. There was cake in eyes. Icing in ears. It was messy – but incredibly funny and made for great photos!

Cake smash photography is still the same low price and a great gift idea for anyone wanting photos of their kids. How will your child react when they have a giant cupcake placed in front of them? Book now for your Cake Smash photos!


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Matilda | Cake Smash Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Monday, 02 December 2013 09:50   

Yesterday we had Matilda join us in our studio for her Cake Smash photos. Time has flown past this year because we can’t believe it’s been a year since we had Matilda in our studio for her Newborn photos and her sister Poppy’s Cake Smash. It was great to see them all again and see how much they’ve changed in only a year. It was also interesting to see how different the two sisters are, so we couldn’t wait to see how Matilda would react to her first Cake Smash photoshoot.


After a few portraits Matilda sat down behind the cake and seemed to analyze it intently. Girls seem to be a lot more thoughtful in their actions, as one would expect from girls. Matilda looked as if she was about to get stuck into her cake,.. until some icing caught her leg and the stickiness was a bit weird for her. After some reassurance (and some coaxing from an eager big sister) Matilda got right into her Cake Smash. Before long, Poppy had joined her and the two sisters were enjoying smashing the cake.


Cake smash photography is still the same low price and a great gift idea for anyone wanting photos of their kids. How will your child react when they have a giant cupcake placed in front of them? Book now for your Cake Smash photos!














Armstrong Family | Portrait Photographers Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Friday, 08 November 2013 15:17   

Today we had the Armstrong Family in our studio for some family photos and we met young Manny who had us on our toes with all of his energy. Once he was able to wear a tie like his Dad he was loving the camera!

Quite often we have parents visit our studio who are unsure of how their child will enjoy having a camera pointed on them. To be honest, most kids enjoy performing for the camera and so long as there’s a connection with us as photographers, we are able to take some great photos. 

As a Perth Photographer we give our clients the option of either a studio or location shoot depending on the type of photos they require. We have 3 amazing value for money children and family photography packages. All 3 come with a multitude of prints as well as the option of purchasing the high resolution disc at a heavily discounted rate. Visit our Portrait Photography link for more details.







Scott Family | Family Portrait
Written by Nick Lance on Saturday, 26 October 2013 21:34   

As Perth Photographers our weekends are filled with photographing Weddings or Portraits. Yesterday was no different and we spent the afternoon with the Scott Family at Hyde Park in Highgate. This time of year we get some beautiful greenery in the grass and trees which is perfect for a family portrait photoshoot. This particular family portrait is being used as a gift. What better present than a timeless memory of your loved ones? A family portrait is also a great excuse to get everyone together. With all of us living such busy lives nowadays, we need to take a bit of a break now and then and get together with family and friends.

We had a great time today. I think the adults played up a bit more than the kids. And why not? We like having a bit of fun and we love real smiles. Real smiles are infectious and we’re always smiling. Since there is always two of us at photoshoots, I always have either Billie or one of my other assistants with me to play up for the kids or adults. Everyone loves a good laugh.

We are getting close to Christmas and people are booking up fast in order to have their prints and discs in time for Christmas. If you would like to as well, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.



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Aurelia | Family Portrait Photographers
Written by Nick Lance on Sunday, 20 October 2013 14:39   

This morning we had the pleasure of the Holland family, who brought along 6 month old, Aurelia, in our studio for some baby and family portrait photos. We had originally planned for a location shoot at Kings Park, but with the weather being so unpredictable Alecia & Craig decided to have their family photos in our Landsdale Photography Studio.

As family portrait photographers we have a studio full of props, wraps and blankets that Billie loves to collect and try out on newborns and babies or any age. It’s always fun to try our new ideas and as you can see from the photos that we took today, Aurelia had a fantastic time.

We had Alecia in our studio in April for a Maternity photoshoot whilst she was pregnant with Aurelia. It was great to see how she’s grown into a very smiley little girl. She really loved smiling at me. I’d like to say to say that a have a knack for making kids smile, but I really think its just that I’m funny looking – kids laugh at me, not with me ;)

Being a husband and wife team allows us to always have those extra pair of hands ready to assist with anything from changing lenses to making a child laugh. Quite often Nick will be on a ladder holding the camera while Billie is calming a baby or making them giggle. Having two photographers not only gives our clients not only helps with the photoshoot process but also gives the added benefit of both male & female perspective. Billie’s artistic flair is in full bloom and she’s having a great time with all the babies we’ve had in our studio lately!

Our Family Portrait photography sessions are exceptional value. For more information visit our Family Portrait tab or contact us today.


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13 day old Harper | Newborn Photographers
Written by Nick Lance on Friday, 18 October 2013 20:32   

13 day old Harper visited our studio this afternoon and we had the pleasure of being her Newborn photographers. Harper’s parents, Alex & Kym, are no strangers to our Landsdale studio, since we photographed Alex & Kym’s Wedding in April last year. To do this day, it is still one of our most favourite weddings and so it’s great to be able to share another special moment in their lives together.

We allow extra time for our Newborn photography shoots since we are working on baby-time. There’s plenty of time for feeding and cuddles. Quite often a newborn baby can sense frustration so we don’t ever rush and allow newborns and parents to be as comfortable as possible. You need a lot of patience for newborn photography and with four children of our own, we have all the patience in the world.

Harper was beautifully behaved for us today, so we were able to try out a lot of the new props that Billie has recently stocked up on. She tried out some new coloured wraps and some props from our friends at Fluttering Baby.

Our Newborn Photography Package prices have not changed since we brought them out in 2011. We still have the same low price with massive savings on prints and the option of purchasing a personalised disc containing all the high resolution images from your newborn photo shoot.













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