Zoe 4 weeks | Newborn Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Friday, 04 October 2013 14:02   

This morning we had 4 week old Zoe in our studio for her Newborn photos. We first met Zoe’s parents Nancy and Russ, way back in 2010 at a Wedding we photographed, and then again more recently during a family photoshoot on Sorrento beach. It was great to see them again and hear how their family has grown. Over half of our photography shoots come from past clients and referrals which we think is amazing.


We tried a few headbands and other props on baby Zoe while she had a few short naps, which was great because it meant that Billie was able to sneak in a few cuddles. Zoe had a cute, little head quiver during her portrait which was gorgeous to watch. Every baby is different, so its amazing seeing each of their little personality traits that are unique to them. Zoe was a perfect little baby and we barely heard a peep out of her the whole time.


Nancy and Russ were able to use their free Photoshoot sitting which was part of the Family Photoshoot Package from the Family Photoshoot last year. The sitting is valid for 12 months and can be used for any one our Portrait Photoshoots. All of our Photography packages are great value for money and affordable for all families. 


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Dela | Maternity Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Saturday, 28 September 2013 09:56   

We had the pleasure of Dela’s company in our studio yesterday for her Maternity photos. Dela is 36 weeks, which is the perfect time to have photos of a pregnant mother-to-be. Dela brought her husband along to join her in the photos, so that they could both share in one of the most memorable times in their lives. It was a treat to see just how excited they are at becoming new parents, and in just a few weeks we will have the opportunity of meeting their baby girl when they come back for their Newborn photos.


As Maternity and Newborn Photographers we have created packages that cater to all expecting mums and dads. Each package has a variety of different sized prints to share with family and friends and some larger sized photos to keep for yourselves. A special part of our Newborn Packages is the personalised announcement cards that we design exclusively for each of our newborn mothers.


Although printed photographs are still one of the most popular and best ways of showing your gorgeous, professional photos to friends and family, we also understand that we live in an ever changing world. Social media has changed the way we share photos, and so we offer our clients the option of investing in digital images from their photoshoot. Digital images are presented on a personalised disc created exclusively for every client. On your disc is each image in colour and black and white and presented in both high and low resolution. High resolution images are available for you to print wherever you like, at any size that you would like. There is no limit on how many copies you can make from each digital file. Low resolution images have been resized and enhanced to suit display screens. The size difference allows for easier uploads to web applications like emailing and social media sites (Facebook,Twitter, etc). Please click on the link for more information on our affordable Maternity and Newborn Photography Packages


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Nicholas | Newborn Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Sunday, 08 September 2013 16:08   

This morning we had the pleasure of having 6 week old Nicholas, in our studio for his newborn photos. We have been eagerly expecting baby Nicholas’ arrival for some time now, after having his family in our studio back in early July for a Maternity photoshoot. What a great name Jak & Sally have chosen for their newborn baby - although I may be a little bias ;) Baby Nicholas was perfectly behaved, and we were able to capture some fantastic newborn photos of him, as well as take some more family photos.


We require a great deal of props as Perth Newborn Photographers, since Baby photography is more about presentation and less about emotive photography and lighting techniques. However, this is where Billie shines. Billie loves to play dressups and loves babies, so we have recently purchased a large amount of newborn and baby props to join our ever increase stock here in our studio. 


Our Maternity & Newborn Package prices have not changed since we brought them out in 2011. We still have the same low price with massive savings on prints and the option of purchasing a personalised disc containing all the high resolution images from your newborn photo shoot.


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Lilly 7 months | Baby Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Tuesday, 20 August 2013 14:17   

We had a visit from Elise and her 7 month old Lilly today for a baby photography session in our studio. Elise brought along some outfits and a few props, so together with our outfits and props, Billie and Elise had a great time playing dressups. 7 months is a great age to have baby photos because usually babies will sit unaided and they aren’t very mobile yet. This means we as photographers can position our cute little models without having to worry whether they’ll take off once they’re in position.

In between changing outfits and changing sets, Billie had fun making Lilly laugh. It wasn’t until Lilly caught sight of our 7 and a  half month old Tayla that her real smiles came out. So Tayla took over the role of making Lilly smile for the last few shots in her photoshoot.

Being a husband and wife team helps with the differing styles of photography, especially in the case of baby photography. As a photographer I have an artist’s eye but I am still a male when it comes to props like flower headbands. Questions on which shade of pink to use; either magenta or rose are met with a smile a swift handball over to Billie who loves using her creative flare. 


Lilly and Elise


Baby Photographer




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Jane Family | Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Monday, 19 August 2013 12:58   

The Jane family joined us yesterday in our studio for a children portrait photoshoot to update the children’s photos for Grandma. Our Family and Children Portrait Packages were designed with Grandma’s and family in mind. With a range of different sized prints and the option of purchasing the disc containing all the images taken from your photo shoot, there is enough prints in our portrait packages to give away to family and to keep for yourself.

With four children of our own, we have first-hand experience with how different children’s personalities can be from one another. When it comes time to have their photo taken these personality traits can sometimes be magnified tenfold. Young Aspen didn’t care much for the camera, he was very determined to not give away a hint of a smile – but we all had fun changing his mind. Billie has a knack for getting kids to smile - and to be honest, some kids just laugh at me... not with me ;)

While Billie and I were jumping around and acting crazy for Aspen, his older brother Kye must have been planning out a series of poses because when it was his turn he couldn’t get enough of the camera! Every time I clicked the shutter he would twist and freeze ready for the next click. He was treating it just like a fashion shoot and having so much fun!


Children Photographer Perth

Family Photographer Perth


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April & Paul | Family Portrait Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Monday, 29 July 2013 12:20   

April & Paul visited our studio yesterday and brought along their family for some family portrait photos. We were initially told that their little boy, Bailey was not particularly fond of having his photo taken, so Billie and I had a great time finding ways of making him laugh. As you can see from the sneak peek below, Bailey (seated on the left hand side) had an amazing time!


Let’s be honest, while family photos are a great excuse to get family together and create some memories, they’re not every child’s idea of a fun way to spend the afternoon. I truly empathise with every child who stands, slouched in front of me, with their hush-puppy-eyes staring at the floor, and their bottom lip exposed, because believe it or not, I was a kid once. Yes many decades ago, like a lot of kids, I didn't like my photo being taken. I could have told you a whole list of things that I would rather be doing, than sitting in a photography studio on a Sunday afternoon. To have someone I didn’t know, then ask me to smile would only have upset me more. So remembering my childhood, and the experience of now having four children of our own, Billie and I, have made our family photography sessions fun!


As Family Portrait Photographers, Billie & I work as a team to capture real family photos. When I mention the term ‘real’ I refer to real smiles - the ones that you cannot fake. While I am capturing the photographs, quite often Billie will be playing with my ears or pulling ridiculous faces behind my back. These little tricks coupled with the ability to laugh at ourselves, have even the most determined child (or adult)smiling.


But it's not all about smiles, it’s about the moments. The looks that mum will give her child or Dad will give his kids are truly the most precious. We aim to create a relaxed atmosphere in our studio so that our clients can be themselves. As many will know, you can only truly relax after you have had a good laugh!


Our Family Portrait photography sessions are exceptional value. For more information visit our Family Portrait tab or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it today.










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