Rory & Scott - Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Monday, 25 February 2013 20:47   

Joining us in the studio this morning were twin boys, Scott & Rory. It’s the first time we have had the privilege of photographing twins, so it was exciting for us to try something new. At only 9 weeks old they have already formed their own individual personalities. Today Rory enjoyed smiling for us and making eyes, while Scott was more thoughtful and serious.


Newborn and Baby photography are both highly specialised genres of photography, requiring lots of patience. With 4 young children of our own (one of which is only 8 weeks old!) we have all the patience in the world. We allocate extra time in our Perth studio for newborn and baby photography. This allows for feeding, cuddles and the occasional nappy change.


Being a husband and wife team not only gives our clients the added benefit of both male & female perspective but also helps with the photoshoot process. Having two photographers allows us to always have those extra pair of hands ready to assist with anything from changing lenses to making a child laugh. Quite often Nick will be on a ladder holding the camera while Billie is calming a baby or making them giggle. Whilst one would think having twin baby boys in the studio would have required extra attention, Rory & Scott were little angels. We didnt hear a whimper out of either of them. The only sound we did hear was Rory's giggles!


Newborn Photographer 002


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Aria | Cake Smash Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Sunday, 17 February 2013 14:05   

Aria celebrated her 1st birthday today with some Cake Smash photographs in our Perth studio. We’ve had many different types of cakes for our cake smash photo shoots and Aria was lucky enough to have a rainbow coloured giant cupcake. Of course the fun part is being able to smash the cake to pieces, but the cupcakes also look and taste amazing!


As soon as the giant cupcake was placed in front of Aria she immediately knew what to do. She delicately took some icing off with her fingers before daintily licking off the icing. When that wasn’t enough she used her whole hand but it seemed that it was only getting in the way – so she leant over and began eating the cake with no hands! To top it off she even made the eating sounds of ‘Nom nom nom” – Awesome!


During February we are promoting a Back to School Special whereby our Cake Smashes are only a massive 50% off! Book a cake smash for your child and for $250.00 you will receive a complimentary 8x12" print PLUS a personalised disc containing all the images from your child's Cake Smash photoshoot. Find more information by following this link. How will your child react to their first Cake Smash?








Cake Smash Photographer Perth 005


Cake Smash Photographer Perth 004

Abbie | Cake Smash Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Friday, 15 February 2013 13:53   

Yesterday we had the pleasure of having 1 year old Abbie in our studio for her first Cake Smash. We like to celebrate 1st birthdays because they are an achievement as a child develops from a baby to a toddler. In Abbie’s case, she is her family’s miracle baby. After 5 years of IVF treatment, baby Abbie was born. So Abbie’s first birthday is extra special! She even had both her grandmother’s come along with her (one of whom is on holidays from the UK) and they both had a great time getting Abbie to smile during some portraits.


When we first place a cake in front of a child they all react differently. It’s these first few minutes that make the best photographs. I always get in position, camera in hand and wait patiently with my shutter finger ready. Abbie knew exactly what to do and dived straight in to the cake immediately. Other children have taken chunks, smashed the giant cupcake to pieces and even thrown it around but Abbie only made a little mess. Being very lady-like, after she had had her fair share she was finished.


During February we are promoting a Back to School Special whereby our Cake Smashes are only a massive half price off! Book a cake smash for you child and for $250.00 you will receive a complimentary 8x12" print PLUS a personalised disc containing all the images from your child's Cake Smash photoshoot. Find more information by following this link. How will your child react to their first Cake Smash photos?


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Coughlan Family | Portrait Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Monday, 28 January 2013 11:46   

We had the Coughlan family in our studio for their family portraits recently and were treated to some big smiles from Marley and Caley. Watching the two sisters together and how Marley loved cuddling Caley was fun to watch and reinforced our love of family portrait photography.


Whilst we are always quick to announce that we love capturing emotive candid moments with our photography, since the birth of our own baby girl we are reminded of how quickly time passes us all by. Traditional family portrait photos capture a moment in time, and with our children growing up so fast those moments are gone faster than you would expect.


I think we are possibly all guilty of postponing family photos for one reason or another. As we begin a new year we should all make an effort to gather our loved ones together to celebrate the important things in life – our families. Let us help you remember your loved ones as they are today with a family portrait to last a lifetime.


family photographer perth 1


children photographer perth 2


baby photographer perth 3

Willow & Hudson | Cake Smash Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Friday, 25 January 2013 12:13   

Our Cake Smash photo shoots are the perfect gift for first birthdays, but they are also a hit for older children as well. We had Willow in our studio recently and she came along with her older brother Hudson. Being a model can be a bit overwhelming, especially on your birthday so we took a few photos of Willow in her petite skirt and rescheduled. The next time they visited our studio Hudson took over the role and he had a great time munching and smashing the giant cupcake!


Our giant cupcake’s are professionally baked and decorated and taste amazing. Quite often the parents can’t resist sneaking a bite!

It’s fun to watch how children react to having a giant cupcake placed in front of them. Some giggle with excitement, some are a little hesitant but one thing is for sure – we always end up with some great photos. Why not book a cake smash photoshoot to see how your child will react? Find out more here.


Perth Cake Smash Photographer 05


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Perth Cake Smash Photographer 01


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Matilda | Newborn Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Friday, 21 December 2012 16:00   

Portrait photography is so much more than simply taking a photo. Of course there’s the editing and business side but the part that we fell in love with is being able to connect with people in order to be able to capture a photograph. Whether it’s by creating a comfortable atmosphere so people can be themselves or by engaging with someone directly so they interact with the camera naturally, we feel that we create a special bond with our clients.

We felt this bond yesterday we when had Poppy in our studio again. Last time we met Poppy it was for her cake smash a month ago and this time we were excited to meet her new baby sister Matilda. Poppy had a beautiful big smile as soon as she saw us and I felt that she recognised me straight away. This meant that instead of the shy, quiet Poppy we met last time, we got to see more of her personality and she really performed for the camera. I quite often say that clients generally laugh ‘at me’ not ‘with me’ but I feel that whatever the case maybe I get some genuine smiles.

With us expecting the birth of our own baby girl any day now it was beyond exciting for us to be able to photograph 10 day old Matilda. One of the most settled newborns we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, Matilda was very willing to lie on the soft shaggy rugs we use during our photo shoots and allow us to work around her without a fuss.

One of the great benefits of being Photographers is that we meet such wonderful people. While Matilda was having a well-deserved break and I was taking some portraits of David with Poppy, Billie was able to chat with Ebony. Occasionally we get lost in “our job” and are able to really communicate on a friendship level with the people we meet. Our job is easy when we get to work with such genuinely nice people and we hope to be able to capture more of Poppy & Matilda's milestone's in the future :)


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