Gao Family | Maternity Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Sunday, 14 July 2013 16:01   

This morning we had the pleasure of having the Gao family in our photography studio for a maternity photo shoot. They are expecting the arrival of a baby boy in the coming weeks and have chosen us as their maternity and newborn photographers. Maternity photographs aren’t just for pregnant mothers, as we can incorporate whole families in our friendly studio.

Being pregnant is an amazing time in a mother’s life that is the ultimate bond a mother can have with her children. Maternity photographs are a chance for families to remember that special time so that those memories may last a lifetime.

Our maternity and newborn photography packages include a large variety or prints, announcement cards, canvases and frames. There is also the option of purchasing the disc containing all of the images we take on the day in high resolution for you to print as you like. Choosing one of our affordable packages is the best way to save yourself hundreds!





Hannah & Matilda | Cake Smash Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Monday, 20 May 2013 15:30   

Hannah joined us in the studio today for some photos of her first Cake Smash. She came along dressed in an awesome outfit that matched her giant cupcake perfectly. Our giant cupcakes are made to order by a fully qualified professional pastry chef who bakes and decorates each giant cupcake to suit just about any request.

Once Hannah had finished smashing the cake her older sister Matilda decided to finish the job. Matilda was a bit weary of getting dirty but once Mum gave her the all clear Matilda had a great time squishing the cake between her fingers, finger painting and seeing how much cake she could fit in her mouth. Why not? Its not every day you get to smash a giant cupcake to pieces and not worry about making a mess!

Hannah is the youngest girl we have had for a Cake Smash at 10 and a half months. Her mum plans to use the photos in designing Hannah’s 1st birthday Invitations. One of the great things about our Cake Smash photo shoots is the option of purchasing the disc with all of the images taken during the photo shoot. The images are presented on a personalised disc in both high resolution for printing and low resolution for web applications and display purposes.




Giant Cupcake Smash


Perth Cake Smash


Smash the Cake Photographer


Perth Cake Smash Photography


Giant Cupcake Smash


First birthday ideas

Wallis Family | Family Portrait Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Wednesday, 24 April 2013 19:53   

Yesterday's cloud cover over Perth's skyline was perfect for family portrait Photographers, so we joined the Wallis Family at Harold Boas Gardens for some family portrait photos. We first met the Wallis Family when they visited our studio last year for some Maternity and Newborn Portraits of baby Orrick. It was not even a year ago and already the children have changed so much. It was also a special occasion for Nat & Teish marking their 9 year anniversary! So what better way to help celebrate than some professional portrait photographs?


The last photoshoot with the Wallis Family was in our Perth Studio, so this time the Wallis Family decided to have a location photoshoot. We provide our clients with the option of either studio or location photoshoots and we leave the decision entirely up to our clients. Just as each family is unique, both studio and location have their own unique style. The best way to describe our studio sessions is controlled and intimate, whereas location photoshoots are vibrant and spontaneous. The way to choose either option is to ask our clients to visualize their family portrait framed on their wall and tell us what they see. They chose Harold Boas Gardens which is a perfect place for family portrait photography. We have travelled all over Perth for location photos, anywhere from beaches and parks to memorials and back alleys.


We had a great time with the kids, who enjoyed playing up for the camera. Every child is different from the next and what makes one child smile may not work on another. We all love to see kids smile in photos so we have to be a bit silly sometimes to get kids to smile. Of course we dont mind jumping around and being silly because those big smiles will last a lifetime! 


Photographer Perth


Portrait Photographer Perth


Family Photographer Perth


Couple Photographer Perth

Mason | Baby Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Tuesday, 23 April 2013 14:06   

As Perth Baby Photographers we collect a lot of different props and costumes specifically for babies and toddlers to use during their photoshoots. This morning we had 11 week old Mason in our studio who got to try out quite a few different hats, ties and scarfs.

We first met Mason just over a month ago when he came with his cousins for a big family portrait. Even in such a short time we can see how much he has grown. During the last portrait photos he was a little tired but today he was all smiles. He even had a good old chat to us – of course we weren’t sure exactly what he was saying but he continued on regardless.


It seems cliché to mention that babies grow up so fast – but its true. Children grow, develop and change so much in the first 6 months that if you blink you might miss it. Personally, I have only a few photos of myself as a baby. Now as a father and a Perth Photographer I love capturing photos of my children and comparing them with photos of myself as a baby. This comes in handy especially when there are conversations like “No she looks nothing like you as a baby…”  Luckily I have proof.


We have 3 amazing value for money children and family photography packages. All 3 come with a multitude of prints as well as the option of purchasing the high resolution disc at a heavily discounted rate. Visit our Portrait Photography link for more details.


Baby Photographer


Perth Baby Photographer


Baby Photographer Perth

Alecia | Maternity Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Thursday, 11 April 2013 09:39   

We recently had the pleasure of having, Alecia, in our studio for her maternity photographs. She is nearing the end of her pregnancy, at 37 weeks bub could come any day now. What better way to celebrate and remember the special moment that mother and baby share than to have some Maternity photographs?

We have special package deals for expectant families whereby we are able to include both the Maternity & Newborn photo shoots together. Each package has a range of prints and plenty of extras. Visit our Portrait Photography page for more information.


Maternity Photographer Perth


Perth Maternity Photography


Pregancy Photography Perth

Kaley | Family Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Wednesday, 03 April 2013 13:33   

Meet Kaley whom we had in our studio yesterday for her family portrait. Although only 3 and a half months old, it was the second time Kaley has visited our studio. The first was one month ago when she some family photos taken with 3 of her cousins and their families. That day we managed to fit 8 adults and 4 babies into our studio and took some great family photos.


Kaley had a great time watching Billie, who spent much of the portrait session performing Kaley’s favourite nursery rhymes. Some might think that it’s all fun and games during our family portraits, as Kaley also enjoyed playing dressups using some of the many different outfits and props we have in our studio.


We are often asked what to wear for a photo shoot and we suggest that our clients wear anything that makes them feel comfortable. In the past there were strict guidelines to follow regarding not wearing white because of potential colour balance problems, but in the digital age having your portrait taken is all about comfort. If you feel comfortable you will look comfortable it will show and your photos will be amazing!


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Family photographer perth


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