Aaliyah | Perth Photographer
Written by Nick Lance on Friday, 23 January 2015 14:25   

8 week old Aaliyah joined us in our Perth Photography Studio this morning for her first baby photos. It was almost 4 years ago when first took photos of her older sister Aalyrah, so it is great to have both girls having their portraits around the same age.

Having four children of our own has made me personally interested in the genetic and personality traits that our children inherit from us as parents. I am absolutely fascinated with how babies are a combination of two people and become their own unique person. Each of our children are similar and yet so very different in their own way so I love having siblings in our studio to see how they differ from each other.

Aaliyah is a little different from how I remember her sister at 8 weeks old. She has inherited a lot from her father, most obviously being her strength. She had no trouble at all keeping her head up and looking around the room and was even strong enough to almost crawl away.

We had a great time photographing baby Aaliyah and Billie enjoyed making her laugh. We are really excited to also welcome the rest of Aaliyah’s family back to our studio in a few weeks for a family portrait photoshoot.


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Stratfold Family | Perth Photographer
Written by Nick Lance on Monday, 19 January 2015 00:05   

I met with the Stratfold Family in Lakelands yesterday their family portrait photoshoot. Their family photos were particularly special because Paul & Cathy’s wedding was the first wedding that Billie and I photographed as professional wedding photographers. Not only that, their grandson Keanu was the first newborn photoshoot for us as Perth Photographers as well.

Cathy & Paul decided to have their family portrait photos at the park in Lakelands where they were married. The location for a photoshoot can be just about anywhere, and we encourage people to choose a location that is special to them. It also helps that the park in Lakelands is gorgeous with large trees, a small waterfall and a staircase.

I loved seeing the Stratfold Family again. It was amazing to see how much Ashley and Samantha have changed over the years. I also found it hard not to laugh myself when Teneika’s son, Keanu had us all in fits of laughter with his crazy antics all afternoon.


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Nikki & Daymo's 18th Party | Event Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Sunday, 18 January 2015 10:40   

Nikki & Daymo held their combined 18th Birthday party last night and invited me along as their Event Photographer. There was great music, food, drinks and everyone had a great time trying on the props that I brought along with me. It was a great night.


There was a fad for a while of having photobooths at events but to be honest some are a little overpriced. The quality of the images are terrible and you can only fit a small amount of people in the booths at any one time. A professional photographer can capture your whole event as well as quality portraits without the restraint of a booth. Arguably the real fun of a photobooth is the being able to have fun with the props that are provided. So, for parties we bring along some props which include hats, moustaches and feather boas just to name a few. Once the props come out everyone has a great time trying to outdo each other. It really is a great laugh. Best of all we provide a disc or USB drive with all of the photos in high resolution to keep forever. 





















80th Birthday | Perth Photographer
Written by Nick Lance on Saturday, 10 January 2015 20:21   

To help celebrate Jeanette’s 80th birthday today, her family got together and decided to have some family portraits of everyone together as a family. We took a few portraits under the shade of some trees before heading back to help celebrate Jeanette’s 80th birthday with her family.

I had a bit of a chat with Jeanette who enjoyed telling me about each family member and their family history. Talking with her reinforced my own strong family beliefs and love for my grandparents. I recently helped celebrate my grandfather’s 90th and grandmother’s 80th in a big celebration where I was able to take some photos of my family together.

With such busy lives it is hard to coordinate everyone together for family photos. When you are able to accomplish the task, it is something special and should be documented. As Perth Photographers we do our best to make our family portrait photography affordable because we believe that everyone should have professional quality photos, not just for themselves – but for their children and their children’s children.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote for your next family get together. We look forward to hearing from you!







Laney | Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Tuesday, 06 January 2015 19:16   

We were introduced to baby Laney today as the Baumert family joined us in the Studio for some newborn and family photography.


It wasn’t long ago that we were photographing Phil & Shonelle’s very awesome wedding at the Perth Zoo. Now we are lucky enough to photograph their gorgeous little girl Laney (or Squishy as she is affectionately named). Laney was an early Christmas present, arriving a little early to meet mum & Dad and big brother Smith. So she is still quite little and now still the perfect size for her first photoshoot.


We allow extra time for our Newborn photography shoots since we are working on baby-time. There’s plenty of time for feeding and cuddles. Quite often a newborn baby can sense frustration so we don’t ever rush and allow newborns and parents to be as comfortable as possible. You need a lot of patience for newborn photography and with four children of our own, we have all the patience in the world.


Our Newborn Photography Package prices have not changed since we brought them out in 2011. We still have the same low price with massive savings on prints and the option of purchasing a personalised disc containing all the high resolution images from your newborn photo shoot.











Nargess & Majid | Photographer Perth
Written by Nick Lance on Sunday, 04 January 2015 15:08   

Today I spent the morning photographing Nargess & Majid at Sir James Mitchell Park in South Perth. Their baby is due on the 7th March 2015 and what better way to celebrate and remember the special moment that mother and baby share than to have some Maternity photographs?


All of our clients have the option of having their photographs taken at our studio in Landsdale, Perth or at any of Perth's beautiful, natural locations. Nargess & Majod chose to have their maternity photographs at Sir James Mitchell park which gives an almost uninterupted view of the Perth city skyline.


We have special package deals for expectant families whereby we are able to include both the Maternity & Newborn photo shoots together. Each package has a range of prints and plenty of extras. Visit our Portrait Photography page for more information.










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